November 2011

A new tire carrier design being built for a local ’89 Toyota extended cab truck. This will replace the existing tailgate and will be adjustable from vertical and flat into the bed, as well as being able to slide along the angle adjustment.

Here is the adjustable mount

the slide adjustment pins at 5 different positions along 8″

and the angle adjustments, 5 positions total including vertical and flat in the truck bed

here’s the gate stop pin to keep the gate from damaging the bed

and the frame for the tailgate skin

finished up and painted

August 2011

After years of welding on the ground or whatever else I could find, I finally built a table just for welding and fabrication

I also played around with sandblasting a logo into the table top

welded up an axle truss jig for future projects, still needs the hardware, chains, and bottle jack

and just for fun I tried my hand at building a dirt board from old parts and metal I had laying around

As for the truck, I found a Toyota 3.4L fuel injected V6 (5VZ-FE) motor to swap into my 84 pickup

May 2011

Got the bed up on the truck

and for summer wheeling, here is my first attempt at tube doors

made a cardboard cut out to design the doors tubing and get an idea what different lines would look like

this is the lay out that I decided to go with

once that was decided it was just a matte of cutting and bending the tubes to match the template I had

then I fully welded up my prototype and added a kick panel to keep things from rolling out of the truck on the trail

final test fit

then started on the front door


June 2008

This is the point I started getting more into fabrication and tried my hand at a spare tire carrier that would replace the tailgate for my friends ’83 Toyota 4×4. This is the first real fabrication project I tried with the help of my friend.

The goal was to make a carrier that could be flipped in either direction, either the spare tilted in towards the bed or tilted out like shown above.