November 2007

Picked up some used tires, 36″ bias IROKs just for trails and rocks

The backspacing on the rims was too big and the wider tires were rubbing the springs so spacers were ordered to fix the problem for now. Also the rear fenders need to be trimmed to fit the larger tires.

July 2007

Body work continued…

and then finally time for some decent paint

While the bed was off I decided to change the rear springs to 63″ chevy truck springs and new 6″ shackles

And the truck all back together again


June 2007

The next set of modifications

square hitch tubing front drive shaft. I went with this because it’s relatively cheap, easy to do yourself and is very strong. It can take hits from rocks and keep on going.

Half doors for summer

paint stripped off and door latch grafted in

finished productNext was a little suspension work. For now I decided to use stock Toyota rear springs rebuilt and replacing the lift springs.

Another drive train mod, Marlin Crawler 4.70:1 transfer case gears and dual transfer case adapter

rebuilt and re-geared transfer case

re-installed with a new cross member from BudBuilt

On to body work and getting the whole truck the same color.

The start

This is where this project all began. The goal was to find a 4×4 vehicle that fit certain criteria but was also in a state that I wouldn’t feel bad if I were to cut, shape, and weld up to perform and become something new.

After months of searching I ended up getting this stock ’84 Toyota Pickup

The truck wouldn’t go over 25 mph and had an inch of dirt under the carpet in the interior. It needed a tune up and clean up.

It got a cheap mild lift and I had some fun with spray paint since it would be getting new paint in the near future.